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Women’s Football Hasn’t Even Started, and It’s Already Sexist!

Today I was blocked on Twitter by a group promoting female sport, specifically football (@GirlsPlayFooty). I had followed their account when they first joined the platform, and helped to spread their message. Ensuring more women (and men, for that matter) play sport is a social good. Physical activity improves health outcomes, boosts confidence, teaches teamwork and provides […]

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Closing the Gate

The horse has bolted, and it closed the gate as it left. That made its escape easier as nobody noticed it missing. And now our fight against the establishment is misapplied to their likeness as we rush to lock the gates and seal ourselves into the depleted paddock they left us. Improving our pastures necessitates looking beyond appearances – beyond the identity politics and culture wars, beyond the minor differences with your peers – to challenge the true powers.

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Bahar Mustafa

Defending bigotry is an unpopular and thankless task, but it is also necessary. The intent is never to condone or encourage any specific act, nor those who indulge, but rather to defend that which makes it possible: free speech. Free speech is an imperative. For a better defence than I – and perhaps anyone – […]

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A Brief Note to Anti-Racists

You do not have an opponent! Nobody is ‘pro-racism’, at least not in the public sphere. Of course racism exists but it has no voice. Your frivolous attempts to attack groups you wrongly identify as racist is the only thing validating the extreme minority of actual racists that exist on the far fringes of society. […]

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Karl Stefanovic: The Invisible Man

Congratulations are in order for Karl Stefanovic regarding his social experiment which has drawn attention to the serious problem of casual discrimination which sadly remains prevalent throughout the modern western world. To highlight differences in the treatment of sexes, Stefanovic wore the same cheap suit on the Today show every day for a year. The […]

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Casual Sexism

Our modern society is a shameful place: discrimination is so prevalent everybody fails to notice it. A case in point came in this morning’s broadcast of Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire. The host, Eddie McGuire, recounted a tale of an internet-dating love triangle. A married woman, assuming a false identity on a dating website, […]

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