My name is Steven and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m one of those pesky ‘new atheists’. From my own observations, I find the classification to be a sort of grown-up, scientifically literate, hippie. Which I think describes me well. I’m a sceptic and a rationalist, which lends itself to the world of humanism, and all related causes – for the planet and its inhabitants.

I’m also a bit of a nerd, which I’ll blame on my engineering background, although the causal link is most likely in the opposite direction.

Writing is my hobby and my passion. I’ve been known to sit down at my keyboard only to glance at the clock and discover I’ve not only missed dinner but  have to be out of bed for work in 4 hours, even if much of the intervening time was spent trying to perfect a single paragraph.

This blog will cover social, political and religious topics, with a little sport or technology thrown in, and the odd rambling about some mundane event I felt moved to document that you’ll hopefully find amusing.

My writing has a touch of the contrarian, although this is not my philosophy. I rarely argue for it’s own sake, I merely follow the evidence. If my conclusions match the prevailing wisdom, I find little value in voicing it, so you’ll often find what I do express to be unexpected, politically incorrect, or uncommon – hence the name.

Replies, comments and debates are always welcomed.

  1. #1 by Walter R on July 8, 2014 - 4:02 pm

    Steven, just found your writings. As an Essendon supporter I say “thank you.” As someone who believes honesty and integrity must play a major part in our lives, I say “thank you.” Keep up the good fight.


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