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It is more than a little disconcerting that many in the football media, having accepted Essendon’s guilt in the absence of evidence, proceed to endorse and proudly boast about the AFL’s assumed power to pervert the course of justice. The matter of guilt or innocence is a distraction. For the sake of argument guilt is […]

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Patrick Smith Responds To Ice Bucket Challenge

Upon his return to the club, James Hird has joined his captain and chairman in participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Hird used the event to reconnect with the football media, nominating his ‘friend’ Patrick Smith to replicate the charitable stunt. In response, Smith has issued […]

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The Decline of Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith was once a respected journalist. A beacon of clear thought. He won awards, directed discussions and most importantly, from my perspective, promoted critical thinking. Alas, this is no longer true. I wrote last year of his mental decline as he let his emotions cloud his better judgement. (Patrick Smith: Incompetent or Liar) I […]

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A Standing Question

The primary tactic in the AFL’s supplements saga remains to shift the focus onto the Essendon Football Club and James Hird. It is employed by the AFL, by the media, and by the general public. To these people I have but one simple question: ¬†What exactly did they do? The most disturbing allegation levelled at […]

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Patrick Smith: Incompetent or Liar?

Patrick Smith is a heavyweight of football journalism. He has built his name around robust argumentation, and exhibits an intelligent sense of humour his detractors fail to appreciate or even notice. However, the Essendon supplements saga – and Essendon in general, for that matter – has recently seen him drop the ball. He has been […]

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