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EJ Whitten Legends Game

Every year when the E.J. Whitten Legends game rolls around, I can’t help but think the concept misses a serious opportunity to fill a void left in the competition since it nationalised. State of Origin is dead and cannot be revived at the elite level: the stakes are too high for the clubs and the […]

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A Divisive Figure

It has been common following latest developments in the tragedy of James Hird to preface any discussion with the acknowledgement that he is a ‘divisive figure’. Many have rushed to point out that whether you ‘love him, or hate him’, you should have the decency to look beyond his ‘mistakes’ and treat him as a human […]

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Women’s Football Hasn’t Even Started, and It’s Already Sexist!

Today I was blocked on Twitter by a group promoting female sport, specifically football (@GirlsPlayFooty). I had followed their account when they first joined the platform, and helped to spread their message. Ensuring more women (and men, for that matter) play sport is a social good. Physical activity improves health outcomes, boosts confidence, teaches teamwork and provides […]

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The Number 1 Draft Pick

There is no debate on this issue, only a select group of ‘experts’ impetuously volunteering their prejudice and intellectual ineptitude to their audience.

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The Rabbit Hole Deepens

Several years ago I wrote a piece expanding on the observed parallels between sport and religion. Today, the analogy deepened once more as the MCG played host to the Integrity in Sport Symposium. The sporting world has now implemented its own version of theology with enlightened minds assembling to discuss and debate a non-existent entity.

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Rethinking Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has been dealt severe sanctions: a $10,000 fine, a future ban worth millions, and international public shaming. At a glance the entire fallout seems more than a little disproportionate. That was my initial reaction, but I’ve had a rethink.

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James Hird: A Predictable End

Almost three years ago a slow and painful demise commenced. It began with a press conference, the blackest day in Australian sport, and I suspected at the time that it would mark the death of my interest in football. Although not for the reasons you may expect. The saga has caused more than its share […]

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