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Australia’s Rape Epidemic: The Failure of Gun Control

Guns have been in the news of late, this time for a mass shooting broadcast on live television. There is little to add to the news or analysis. Invariably in the wake of such incidents ideologues on both sides of the gun control debate emerge, one with hysterical shrieks for public safety and the other with equally fearful […]

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Something I wrote for the previous federal election. The message applies to tomorrow’s Victorian state election. Both of Australia’s major political parties share the view that minority parties should be discarded. Their sentiments are no more than a cynical, self-serving power grab. The LNP expect to gain leadership tomorrow, and hope to attain control of […]

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Foregone Conclusion

Australia lead England 2-0 and are now certainties to reclaim The Ashes. But was there ever any doubt? The English had effectively conceded before the series commenced when they decided to send another captain Cook to Australia. What were they thinking? Last time they tried that, they eventually ended up shipping off their convicts to […]

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The Hole In Australian Cricket

The majority of the Australian cricketing public would have been dismayed by the start to The Ashes. The team made a fairly solid start, progressing to 1/71 a few balls before lunch. Then it happened. Again. First, Shane Watson fell, then the collapse continued after lunch. Fans watched as their national team lost 5 wickets […]

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