A Brief Note to Anti-Racists

You do not have an opponent!

Nobody is ‘pro-racism’, at least not in the public sphere.

Of course racism exists but it has no voice. Your frivolous attempts to attack groups you wrongly identify as racist is the only thing validating the extreme minority of actual racists that exist on the far fringes of society. Without you, they are nothing, the entire topic is nothing.

The only influential racists are those you fear to criticise. They are the true enemy of all your problems (racism, sexism, homophobia, the ever increasing class divide, etc). They are ‘the establishment’.

The establishment is not ‘straight white men’ as much as you have been programmed to believe so. This is a simple logic error. In the same way that not all green things are grass, not all straight white men are the establishment. You focus all your efforts on your innocent peers, those no more privileged or advantaged than yourselves, and often less so. You embarrass yourselves with every word, vilify and make enemies of your allies, weaken your ranks and leave those with actual power untouched.

It is time to toughen up, learn how to think, and fight your actual enemy. If you can’t manage that, just shut the fuck up. Your current actions are not helping.

That is all.

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