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An Apology and the Price of Apologetics

Where are the left leaning humanitarians?

They are precisely where any truly progressive person that understands the topic would expect them to be.

That is, with their eyes firmly shut and their hands over their ears rocking back and forth like a madman, and muttering ‘This has nothing to do with Islam. This has nothing to do with Islam. This has nothing to do with Islam…’

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Sam Harris vs The World

Often times I wonder if misrepresentations are deliberate because people fear some will interpret an idea the wrong way, so they cut out the middle-man – pretend the perversion was the intent – and denounce the misinterpretation, sacrificing the reputation of the source in the process. In effect, the aim is to protect the public from the possible outcomes of misunderstanding potentially dangerous ideas. A white lie for what they deem to be the greater good.

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In America, there is Christianity. For the most part it is a benign, even beneficial, force. At the community level, churches provide aid, entertain, connect people and form social groups. Much of the money involved stays within the local community, and the leaders make a very modest living, often bordering on destitution themselves from reinvesting […]

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