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A Divisive Figure

It has been common following latest developments in the tragedy of James Hird to preface any discussion with the acknowledgement that he is a ‘divisive figure’. Many have rushed to point out that whether you ‘love him, or hate him’, you should have the decency to look beyond his ‘mistakes’ and treat him as a human […]

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James Hird: A Predictable End

Almost three years ago a slow and painful demise commenced. It began with a press conference, the blackest day in Australian sport, and I suspected at the time that it would mark the death of my interest in football. Although not for the reasons you may expect. The saga has caused more than its share […]

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Exclusive from the Desk of Caroline Wilson

Since the story of James Hird’s bicycle accident emerged, Caroline Wilson has been writing furiously at her desk, but to little avail. Sources from within The Age can now reveal some of Wilson’s unpublished content. The first piece was boldly titled ‘James Hird Dead’. This was later amended to ‘Hird’s Life Support to be Switched […]

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Leigh Matthews

The problem in less than 50 words…   Independent Leigh Matthews: ‘Bringing game into disrepute’ a phony charge Hird not responsible for supplements program or governance failings We haven’t seen any evidence Media: Leigh Matthews has declared himself incompetent   Leigh Matthews returns to an AFL club: Hird should quit Media: Look what the great […]

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It is more than a little disconcerting that many in the football media, having accepted Essendon’s guilt in the absence of evidence, proceed to endorse and proudly boast about the AFL’s assumed power to pervert the course of justice. The matter of guilt or innocence is a distraction. For the sake of argument guilt is […]

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Fans Should Blame Essendon

Self proclaimed journalist, Jon Ralph, believes Essendon supporters should blame their club, or individuals within the club, for their current predicament. There are two minor quibbles with this notion, namely; ‘who’ and ‘why’. Ralph offers a suggestion as to whom, ‘even if it’s just Stephen Dank.’ On the surface, this stance would be worthless symbolism […]

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Patrick Smith Responds To Ice Bucket Challenge

Upon his return to the club, James Hird has joined his captain and chairman in participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Hird used the event to reconnect with the football media, nominating his ‘friend’ Patrick Smith to replicate the charitable stunt. In response, Smith has issued […]

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