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A Tale of 3 Tragedies

The online feminist community has been rocked by the news that one of their own has been arrested for second degree murder. Aleksandr Kolpakov, from YouTube channel The Skeptic Feminist, has apparently shot and killed one of his co-creators and intimate partners (yes, plural). Regardless of the eventual outcome of the criminal investigation, one life has been extinguished and […]

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Violence Against Men: What The Tostee Case Teaches Us About Gendered Violence

Violence against men is rarely discussed. Those who dare raise the topic are silenced by a dominant culture that predetermines men to be either the perpetrators of violence or unworthy victims. The former likely informs the latter with our prejudices outweighing our compassion, and the obvious error of logic. Statistics the world over demonstrate that men constitute around […]

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Banned in Australia

Many years ago, before most current gamers were born, video games arrived on the scene to a vast array of social concerns. People worried that staring at a screen would turn their children into mindless zombies and that the ‘activity’ was more sedentary than is strictly considered healthy. These concerns have been partially allayed; multiplayer […]

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