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Trump’s Secret Weapon

  In a sane world a Trump presidency would be utterly incomprehensible. The man is completely unqualified to run his own numerous bankrupt business ventures, let alone a country, and the world’s only superpower at that! Alas ours is not a sane world, and it could actually happen. Trump has a secret weapon – or rather weapons, […]

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A Brief Note to Anti-Racists

You do not have an opponent! Nobody is ‘pro-racism’, at least not in the public sphere. Of course racism exists but it has no voice. Your frivolous attempts to attack groups you wrongly identify as racist is the only thing validating the extreme minority of actual racists that exist on the far fringes of society. […]

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An Apology and the Price of Apologetics

Where are the left leaning humanitarians?

They are precisely where any truly progressive person that understands the topic would expect them to be.

That is, with their eyes firmly shut and their hands over their ears rocking back and forth like a madman, and muttering ‘This has nothing to do with Islam. This has nothing to do with Islam. This has nothing to do with Islam…’

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Sam Harris vs The World

Often times I wonder if misrepresentations are deliberate because people fear some will interpret an idea the wrong way, so they cut out the middle-man – pretend the perversion was the intent – and denounce the misinterpretation, sacrificing the reputation of the source in the process. In effect, the aim is to protect the public from the possible outcomes of misunderstanding potentially dangerous ideas. A white lie for what they deem to be the greater good.

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Leigh Matthews

The problem in less than 50 words…   Independent Leigh Matthews: ‘Bringing game into disrepute’ a phony charge Hird not responsible for supplements program or governance failings We haven’t seen any evidence Media: Leigh Matthews has declared himself incompetent   Leigh Matthews returns to an AFL club: Hird should quit Media: Look what the great […]

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Plea Bargain

For not the first time in the last two years, pressure is mounting on the Essendon playing group. Voices from within the AFL and the media are once again urging players, who believe themselves to be innocent, to accept a deal for the sake of expedience. The AFLPA subsequently released a statement confirming players ‘remain […]

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Fans Should Blame Essendon

Self proclaimed journalist, Jon Ralph, believes Essendon supporters should blame their club, or individuals within the club, for their current predicament. There are two minor quibbles with this notion, namely; ‘who’ and ‘why’. Ralph offers a suggestion as to whom, ‘even if it’s just Stephen Dank.’ On the surface, this stance would be worthless symbolism […]

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