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Why the Left Should Vote for Trump

On paper, and by their documented histories, there is little difference between Trump and Clinton. Trump is not a Republican, and Clinton is about as progressive and liberal as the church on Sunday. They both occupy similar territory on the political map and have been friends and associates for a great many years. If pushed, […]

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Gender in Politics: Canada by the Numbers

…insistence on parity necessitates the rejection of the very ideal upon which it is based; non-discrimination. Any attempt to enforce ‘accurate’ representation – be it through external social pressure, voluntary or enforced quotas – is simply discrimination by another name, and it is unlikely to reward the most qualified individual nor obtain the best results for the community.

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Something I wrote for the previous federal election. The message applies to tomorrow’s Victorian state election. Both of Australia’s major political parties share the view that minority parties should be discarded. Their sentiments are no more than a cynical, self-serving power grab. The LNP expect to gain leadership tomorrow, and hope to attain control of […]

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