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The Number 1 Draft Pick

There is no debate on this issue, only a select group of ‘experts’ impetuously volunteering their prejudice and intellectual ineptitude to their audience.


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The Price of Corruption

It is approaching one year since the Essendon Football Club accepted unprecedented sanctions as a result of the supplements saga. The official violation was ‘disrepute’. The subject was governance. The AFL’s case had more holes than fine flywire, but that was of little consequence. It was never the reason for the sanctions, and in any […]

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The Decline of Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith was once a respected journalist. A beacon of clear thought. He won awards, directed discussions and most importantly, from my perspective, promoted critical thinking. Alas, this is no longer true. I wrote last year of his mental decline as he let his emotions cloud his better judgement. (Patrick Smith: Incompetent or Liar) I […]

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ASADA uncover proof of crimes committed at Essendon

Jobe Watson caught in the act. An ASADA spokesperson has expressed relief following the latest developments, ‘It may have taken 18 months but we’ve finally pinned something on them.’

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ASADA respond to the AFLPA’s request to view the evidence against Essendon players.

ASADA have finally responded to the AFLPA’s request to view the evidence against Essendon players. (pictured)

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Lest We Forget

The AFL and the Essendon and Collingwood football clubs are to be commended for their dedication to ANZAC Day. The decision to honour the occasion with a clash between two of the league’s biggest and most successful clubs has been a roaring success from the very beginning, and has only gone from strength to strength. […]

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Journalists Are The New Black

It is often stated that charcoal is the darkest substance known to man. This neglects new man-made materials, like carbon nanotubes, which can absorb more than 99% of all visible light. However, there is a new contender. Something even less reflective: the modern journalist. I find it more than a little disconcerting that representatives across […]

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