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Women’s Football Hasn’t Even Started, and It’s Already Sexist!

Today I was blocked on Twitter by a group promoting female sport, specifically football¬†(@GirlsPlayFooty). I had followed their account when they first joined the platform, and helped to¬†spread their message. Ensuring more women (and men, for that matter) play sport is a social good. Physical activity improves health outcomes, boosts confidence, teaches teamwork and provides […]

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James Hird: A Predictable End

Almost three years ago a slow and painful demise commenced. It began with a press conference, the blackest day in Australian sport, and I suspected at the time that it would mark the death of my interest in football. Although not for the reasons you may expect. The saga has caused more than its share […]

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Bad Kicking is Bad Football

The old footballing adage of ‘bad kicking is bad football’ is something which rings true more often than you might realise.

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Adam Goodes and Our Increasingly Racist Society

The entire debate is driven by a sensationalist media searching for controversy and the unsubstantiated accusations of well-intentioned but misguided ideologues who are merely imagining the potential thoughts and motivations of others. Racism is a considerable accusation, not one to be casually dispensed.

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AFL Membership

I am unconvinced of the wisdom of AFL club memberships. It appears a symptom of faulty economics on behalf of all parties. Fans pay for something they often don’t use making their membership little more than a donation (a significant portion of which is in turn squandered on merchandise, trinkets and several mailings throughout the […]



What’s a Draft Pick Worth?

The trade period has come to a close. Like always, it was a time of squabbling and posturing by the clubs in a bid to maximise the talent on their list. Some of that talent was established, the rest is potential; either untried players or picks in the upcoming draft. It is a difficult challenge […]

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Free Agency

There’s a nice loophole in free agency that nobody seems to express in as many words, but it works like this: 1) Lose a player 2) Receive compensation So (if you ignore the AFL’s manipulation via their ‘black box’ system) you break even. But since the compensation came from ‘the house’ it is at the […]

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