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Gender in Politics: Canada by the Numbers

…insistence on parity necessitates the rejection of the very ideal upon which it is based; non-discrimination. Any attempt to enforce ‘accurate’ representation – be it through external social pressure, voluntary or enforced quotas – is simply discrimination by another name, and it is unlikely to reward the most qualified individual nor obtain the best results for the community.


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Grand Theft Auto 5 Banned in Australia

Many years ago, before most current gamers were born, video games arrived on the scene to a vast array of social concerns. People worried that staring at a screen would turn their children into mindless zombies and that the ‘activity’ was more sedentary than is strictly considered healthy. These concerns have been partially allayed; multiplayer […]

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Impotence: A Lament, A Disempowered Plea.

I have a problem. A problem which can afflict any man. It is a predicament not many are prepared to discuss publicly. It is debilitating, drains you of your confidence and motivation. Those afflicted are often forced to suffer in silence. Society offers no understanding, no support, no respect. I sit here unsure of what […]

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Casual Sexism

Our modern society is a shameful place: discrimination is so prevalent everybody fails to notice it. A case in point came in this morning’s broadcast of Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire. The host, Eddie McGuire, recounted a tale of an internet-dating love triangle. A married woman, assuming a false identity on a dating website, […]

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