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Closing the Gate

The horse has bolted, and it closed the gate as it left. That made its escape easier as nobody noticed it missing. And now our fight against the establishment is misapplied to their likeness as we rush to lock the gates and seal ourselves into the depleted paddock they left us. Improving our pastures necessitates looking beyond appearances – beyond the identity politics and culture wars, beyond the minor differences with your peers – to challenge the true powers.


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Bahar Mustafa

Defending bigotry is an unpopular and thankless task, but it is also necessary. The intent is never to condone or encourage any specific act, nor those who indulge, but rather to defend that which makes it possible: free speech. Free speech is an imperative. For a better defence than I – and perhaps anyone – […]

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A Brief Note to Anti-Racists

You do not have an opponent! Nobody is ‘pro-racism’, at least not in the public sphere. Of course racism exists but it has no voice. Your frivolous attempts to attack groups you wrongly identify as racist is the only thing validating the extreme minority of actual racists that exist on the far fringes of society. […]

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Adam Goodes and Our Increasingly Racist Society

The entire debate is driven by a sensationalist media searching for controversy and the unsubstantiated accusations of well-intentioned but misguided ideologues who are merely imagining the potential thoughts and motivations of others. Racism is a considerable accusation, not one to be casually dispensed.

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The AFL’s Corruption Case

Essendon’s 2012 supplements program has once again reared it’s ugly head. However, this time it is more definitive. Mystery still surrounds the details, but if nothing else, the public now has a clear indication of to whom they should be listening. The late, great Christopher Hitchens once spoke of the concept of “radical evil”: “The […]

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