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Eddie McGuire: Pride in Corruption

Thursday morning, on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire, the host offered a disconcerting insight into his world view whilst attempting to summarise the latest flare up of the Essendon saga. His insight took the form of a proud boast, an endorsement of corruption. ‘This is what people have forgotten, everyone has amnesia on […]

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Fact & Theory: A Challenge to the AFL/Media

The media are continually derided as sensationalist, biased and untrustworthy. All this may be true but responsibility does not lie with the media, it is more deeply rooted in society. In my early years of high school, I recall studying the tools required to think critically; to see through fallacies, scams and manipulations. The sort […]

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It Is Not About James Hird

Define ‘predictable’: The media’s response to the latest revelations in the AFL’s corruption case. More explosive allegations were aired on Thursday night’s 7.30 on the ABC: Stephen Amendola, lawyer for James Hird, exposed the ‘complete failure of process’ within the AFL’s so called ‘investigation’ into Essendon. They had no case, only threats. Former Victorian premier […]

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Judge Jury & Executioner

It is commonplace for many in the media to uncritically accept the AFL’s assumed role of ‘judge, jury and executioner’ in regards to the Essendon supplement program from 2012. Most have even implemented the exact phrasing. It is frightening see it publicly acknowledged, yet not condemned. ‘You can’t fight city hall.’ ‘It’s just the way […]

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The AFL’s Corruption Case

Essendon’s 2012 supplements program has once again reared it’s ugly head. However, this time it is more definitive. Mystery still surrounds the details, but if nothing else, the public now has a clear indication of to whom they should be listening. The late, great Christopher Hitchens once spoke of the concept of “radical evil”: “The […]

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