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Getting Schooled: Public vs Private Education

Students will never be granted the same opportunities irrespective of wealth. It is a constraint of the system. Those trapped within their ideology must exit the conversation here.

The question is not about ideals, it is about money. Our money.

It is a statistical fact that private school students receive less taxpayer funding than their public counterparts…


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Something I wrote for the previous federal election. The message applies to tomorrow’s Victorian state election. Both of Australia’s major political parties share the view that minority parties should be discarded. Their sentiments are no more than a cynical, self-serving power grab. The LNP expect to gain leadership tomorrow, and hope to attain control of […]

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Fact & Theory: A Challenge to the AFL/Media

The media are continually derided as sensationalist, biased and untrustworthy. All this may be true but responsibility does not lie with the media, it is more deeply rooted in society. In my early years of high school, I recall studying the tools required to think critically; to see through fallacies, scams and manipulations. The sort […]

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