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My cockroach problem began following some renovations. My old rotten timber window frames were nearing the end of their life and had to be upgraded to aluminium. The builder managed to partially destroy my home in the process. Removing one of the frames revealed a bird nesting site under my eaves. The bird and several […]

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Urban Hiking

One of the problems with hiking is finding suitable and convenient locations to keep active and maintain or build fitness between our more serious adventures. Australia is fortunate in that we have large expanses of land. Even for the majority of us who reside in the cities or the surrounding suburbs, finding a local park […]

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Neglected Rules of Civilised Discourse: Dog Whistling

The main problem with dog whistling is its entire concept. Claims to have perceived a dog whistle are simply an excuse for ideologues to get outraged, end conversations, indulge in ‘shaming’ culture, and revel in their own falsely assumed moral superiority, and to do so over absolutely nothing. If pressed, the indignant can’t point to […]

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Lessons from Hiking

Well, my planned hiking expedition was an epic fail. The original plan was to traverse Lerderderg State Park from O’Brien’s Crossing along the Lerderderg river to Mackensie’s Flat and back, turning the overnight one-way hike into an extended four day trek. My pre-hike was successful. I explored the local region, learned my starting point was […]

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Kudos to Ms Laurie Penny

Kudos to Ms Laurie Penny. I’m not typically one to praise a feminist, but this is quite possibly the best article a professional feminist has ever written. I highly recommend you read it. I’m with the Banned Now don’t get me wrong, it’s almost entirely inaccurate or at best wildly hyperbolic – constructed around false stereotypes, publicly accepted misinformation […]

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Alternative American History

I saw a post on the 4th of July mocking gun control advocates for celebrating the occasion, because they claimed ‘if they didn’t have guns, today wouldn’t be a holiday.’ It got me wondering what would have happened if the US didn’t resort to a violent overreaction over the price of tea all those years […]

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Closing the Gate

The horse has bolted, and it closed the gate as it left. That made its escape easier as nobody noticed it missing. And now our fight against the establishment is misapplied to their likeness as we rush to lock the gates and seal ourselves into the depleted paddock they left us. Improving our pastures necessitates looking beyond appearances – beyond the identity politics and culture wars, beyond the minor differences with your peers – to challenge the true powers.

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