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Neglected Rules of Civilised Discourse: Dog Whistling

The main problem with dog whistling is its entire concept. Claims to have perceived a dog whistle are simply an excuse for ideologues to get outraged, end conversations, indulge in ‘shaming’ culture, and revel in their own falsely assumed moral superiority, and to do so over absolutely nothing. If pressed, the indignant can’t point to […]

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What People Are Getting Wrong About The #GoogleMemo

What people are getting wrong about the #GoogleMemo (Read the memo here: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber) Or rather, how badly they are understating it. The common, and entirely obvious, observation has been that the reaction by Google and much of the press confirms the concerns of the author, James Damore: a difference of opinion is […]

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Why I’m Converting to Islam

I think I will have to convert to Islam. First is the simple matter of convenience. It is hard for us in The West – especially if you happen to be the reviled trifecta of a straight white male – to fathom the benefits of Islamic association. With the backing of Islam you can imprison, […]

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A Tale of 3 Tragedies

The online feminist community has been rocked by the news that one of their own has been arrested for second degree murder. Aleksandr Kolpakov, from YouTube channel The Skeptic Feminist, has apparently shot and killed one of his co-creators and intimate partners (yes, plural). Regardless of the eventual outcome of the criminal investigation, one life has been extinguished and […]

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Megan Phelps-Roper

Everyone should watch this TED talk by Megan Phelps-Roper, a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church. I remember defending this girl, and her family, after I first saw Louis Theroux’s documentary, ‘The Most Hated Family In America’. She was always a good person; a strange blend of polite, dismissive rudeness topped with a smile […]

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There’s Nothing Left

The Left has forgotten the first rule: Think global, act local. Their approach is actually perfectly reasonable, given their historical principle of wanting to advance the little guy. That is exactly what they are doing, globally. Unfortunately that is the ‘wrong’ little guy; a little guy in another country, a little guy with no vote […]

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A Divisive Figure

It has been common following latest developments in the tragedy of James Hird to preface any discussion with the acknowledgement that he is a ‘divisive figure’. Many have rushed to point out that whether you ‘love him, or hate him’, you should have the decency to look beyond his ‘mistakes’ and treat him as a human […]

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