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Pumpkins and Peanuts

Those who criticise the certifiable are often scolded for going after the low-hanging fruit. Whilst often valid, especially when criticising an extreme opponent rather than when holding one’s own side accountable, this tendency to dismiss criticism overlooks just how commonplace said fruit can be. When destructive idiocy lies uncriticised in the mainstream it can only […]

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Closing the Gate

The horse has bolted, and it closed the gate as it left. That made its escape easier as nobody noticed it missing. And now our fight against the establishment is misapplied to their likeness as we rush to lock the gates and seal ourselves into the depleted paddock they left us. Improving our pastures necessitates looking beyond appearances – beyond the identity politics and culture wars, beyond the minor differences with your peers – to challenge the true powers.

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Stop It At The Start

In an increasingly crazy world it is heartening to see something like the Stop It At The Start campaign against violence against women. Not for the campaign itself, but for the community reaction to it. A paid promotion by Australian Families featuring the latest television commercial made its way into my Facebook feed a few […]

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