Something I wrote for the previous federal election. The message applies to tomorrow’s Victorian state election.

Both of Australia’s major political parties share the view that minority parties should be discarded.

Their sentiments are no more than a cynical, self-serving power grab.

The LNP expect to gain leadership tomorrow, and hope to attain control of both houses giving them free rein over the nation.

The ALP are in a slightly more conflicted position having spent the last few years defending the record of their minority government.

Labor have praised their own productivity, emphasising the sheer volume of legislation passed. However, some of this involved compromises which have been damaging to their brand, contrary to their values and promises, and they now wish to distance themselves from the situation to restore their followers’ faith.

Without a clear majority, parties must negotiate for a deal acceptable to people with differing perspectives and goals. Such a situation ensures government policy will be fairer, and more inclusive and representative of the wider electorate.

This is a good thing, it should be the norm. It’s called ‘democracy’.

The downside from lacking a clear majority is all the immature political posturing.

Border security is a case in point. The Labor government and the Liberal opposition both agree almost to the letter what the policy should be and how to implement it. But Labor wouldn’t accept the symbolic defeat of a return to Liberal policy, and the Liberals wouldn’t allow Labor to implement a slightly different version for the very same reason. So months of bickering and stagnation ensued.

The only way to send a clear message to these juveniles that such puerile otiose conduct is unacceptable is to vote for neither.

A donkey vote is worse than futile. The less valid votes submitted, the greater value is granted to those that remain, many of which will be the opinions of blind support and/or opposition without an actual understanding of the issues. Not casting a valid vote only empowers the biased and ignorant. (Think of America and their gun lobby.)

Vote for co-operation. Vote for inclusiveness. Vote for progress.

Vote minority. Vote independent.

Place the two major parties in last and second last positions according to your preference. If the minority candidates fail, the preferential system ensures your vote will still be cast whether they are 1st on your ballot, or second last.

There is nothing to lose.

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