Judge Jury & Executioner

It is commonplace for many in the media to uncritically accept the AFL’s assumed role of ‘judge, jury and executioner’ in regards to the Essendon supplement program from 2012. Most have even implemented the exact phrasing.

It is frightening see it publicly acknowledged, yet not condemned.

‘You can’t fight city hall.’

‘It’s just the way it is.’

Well it shouldn’t be, and the very fact that these types of scenarios remain unchallenged is a symptom of our spineless, accredited football media.

This is supposed to be their profession. They fail, over and over and over again.

Furthermore, the comparison falls far short of the level of corruption and bullying rampant within the AFL’s administration.

To be certain, the AFL did elect themselves judge, jury and executioner, but this isn’t the half of it.

The AFL similarly sought to be the prosecution, investigator, mediator – and due to their constant meddling in the case – their officials became key witnesses. All of this was to take place behind closed doors – save for strategic leaks – orchestrated with intimidation and inducements.

That’s not all. Given the alleged crime lacked the evidence to be sustained the AFL had to fall back on their old friend: disrepute.

In effect this pseudo-charge amounts to a claim that the AFL themselves were made to look bad.

That’s right, by the AFL’s summation they were also the victim.

All told the AFL believes there is no conflict of interest in a case in which they are the victim, witness, mediator, investigator, prosecution, and finally; judge, jury and executioner.

‘What conflict? Move along, nothing to see here.’

And their minions in the media tow the line.

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