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Tolerance is a Two Way Street

We must tolerate even the intolerant to enable understanding and advancement, with the important distinction that tolerance is not surrender or silence. Tolerating even dangerous ideas and their advocates neither demands acquiescence nor prevents critique, but it does set standards for civil interaction with one’s adversary.


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Kudos to Ms Laurie Penny

Kudos to Ms Laurie Penny. I’m not typically one to praise a feminist, but this is quite possibly the best article a professional feminist has ever written. I highly recommend you read it. I’m with the Banned Now don’t get me wrong, it’s almost entirely inaccurate or at best wildly hyperbolic – constructed around false stereotypes, publicly accepted misinformation […]

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Bahar Mustafa

Defending bigotry is an unpopular and thankless task, but it is also necessary. The intent is never to condone or encourage any specific act, nor those who indulge, but rather to defend that which makes it possible: free speech. Free speech is an imperative. For a better defence than I – and perhaps anyone – […]

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