There’s Nothing Left

The Left has forgotten the first rule: Think global, act local.

Their approach is actually perfectly reasonable, given their historical principle of wanting to advance the little guy. That is exactly what they are doing, globally.

Unfortunately that is the ‘wrong’ little guy; a little guy in another country, a little guy with no vote to give them the power they need to exercise their plans, and a little guy whose interests are in direct opposition to the local little guy who they are supposed to represent and who does have that vote they need.

Obviously it is not ‘wrong’ to want to help refugees or those in the 3rd world, but their focus produces local solutions that emulate right wing policy. By ignoring the real world effects of immigration, the burden is placed directly on the lower class who pay for it with lower wages, overstretched services that they need to survive, and the increase in violence in their poorer communities.

Meanwhile the rich are provided a cheaper and more desperate labour force to exploit, and more customers to serve. The left has become the right, in application, because their vision is set too far afield.

Then, to cement their political demise, rather than listening to and addressing local concerns, they insult the very people whose lives they are damaging, ‘you’re a racist…’, ‘you’re an Islamophobe…’, etc.

The left’s conceit, and detachment from the local, sees them writing the playbook on how to fail.

The more cynical interpretation of modern politics would be that the Left actually are the Right. In this analysis, their professed ideology constitutes nothing more than a convenient cover for a deliberate strategy to further privilege the upper class that they represent and belong to, having long ago forgotten their roots and principles. This strategy comes at no cost as the lower classes have no out.

If the Left win; they get more desperate workers to exploit.

If the Left lose; the Right gets to do the same thing via its own methods – deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, funding cuts for the rest, etc.

These options leave the masses with a fixed outcome and no actual choice at the ballot box.

This more cynical alternative could explain why the modern Left are quite happy to double down in the face of consistent failure. After all, attaining their desired outcome isn’t failure, regardless of who officially holds power.

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