Trump’s Secret Weapon


Trump Vodka

In a sane world a Trump presidency would be utterly incomprehensible. The man is completely unqualified to run his own numerous bankrupt business ventures, let alone a country, and the world’s only superpower at that! Alas ours is not a sane world, and it could actually happen.

Trump has a secret weapon – or rather weapons, as he seems to have an inexhaustible arsenal at his disposal. Those weapons are his enemies, particularly in the political establishment and the old media. So many personal attacks, distortions, or outright fabrications, have been directed at Trump that his supporters no longer take any notice. They have become immovable. Trump could personally insult their dying mother directly to her face, and their first response would be to attempt to uncover the conspiracy behind his alleged remarks, such is their distrust of what they see and hear. All evidence on the table suggests that distrust has been well earned.

Dirty politics is obviously nothing new, but public oversight is. People were once easily manipulated, if they were told a message often enough they would eventually believe it, regardless of its truth or lack thereof. This is no longer the case.

We inhabit a new world where the public can no longer be told how to think and behave, and be expected to obey the command. The people now have the ability to check any claim, to learn the facts, to identify misquotes or out of context comments, and then instantly share their results with thousands or even millions of people without leaving their couch.

When the truth is so freely available to all, telling it becomes all the more important. In this regard, the media is failing. They are failing the public, they are failing their masters, and they will ultimately fail themselves as confidence in their pronouncements continues to erode. Soon they will wield no power, and this will be a good thing.

When the media eventually realise what has changed in the world around them, they will be forced to adapt; to become disseminators of factual and balanced information, rather than propaganda tools for their ideological allies – or the highest bidder.

Lies will be uncovered, and backfire. Personal attacks will be shrugged off, and only strengthen opposition resolve. Such tactics are not only unhelpful, but are ultimately unnecessary.

The truth is sufficient to prosecute any case worth prosecuting. A significant portion of Trump’s support is built upon a protest vote, and were that truth presented, with neither fear nor favour, there would be little reason to protest.

It may well take a Trump presidency for many to realise their former tactic of ‘elitist decree’ no longer controls the people.

And if they still fail to acknowledge the shift in social consciousness, society will tend further towards anarchy as more become disaffected and distrusting of official sources and instead take comfort in the increasingly divided and numerous fringes – each of whom know that their opponents are lying because, as a clear and unequivocal matter of fact, they are.

We cannot hope to eliminate personal prejudice, but we can remove the catalyst. It takes a special kind of conspiracist to doubt against all evidence, but it is perfectly reasonable to doubt when the authority has proven untrustworthy. The necessary change is to regain that trust.

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