It’s rare that I can’t sleep. I’m usually out within minutes of my head hitting the pillow and stay that way until my alarm sounds. Yet, here I am at 2am.

It has been quite sad and distressing to witness in recent times the moral and intellectual decay of a former friend as he has been slowly consumed by the cult of identitarianism. A once civil, kind, measured and inclusive man has descended into the void. A void where facts and reason have no place, where hypocrisy takes centre stage and vile bigotry is almost mandatory.

Today, he reduced himself to repeated, unprovoked, personal attacks and incoherent, tangential ramblings with an overall message indiscernible from AIDS Skrillex’s 3 seconds of internet fame. To him, guilt, evil and truth are now measured not by one’s deeds, but by their skin colour, age, gender and sexual orientation.

This appears our future. It is a growing trend that I’ve personally been able to avoid up until now, with events only happening at a distance. I had held hope that this was just some bizarre behaviour on the fringes of the internet or amongst unemployed and unemployable professional activists, but the disease appears transmissible to even highly educated and social creatures.

Fortunately, there is also a fight back against such attitudes, but these regressives have already crossed the Rubicon. They have committed to a path that, if reconsidered, would require them to concede they have been behaving atrociously towards good, innocent people. As a result they treat any challenge to their worldview not as possibly corrective information, but as further proof of their delusions.

Problems become insoluble when the cause is certain it is the cure.

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