Stop It At The Start

In an increasingly crazy world it is heartening to see something like the Stop It At The Start campaign against violence against women. Not for the campaign itself, but for the community reaction to it.

A paid promotion by Australian Families featuring the latest television commercial made its way into my Facebook feed a few weeks ago. I read a few of the responses, but I didn’t have the time to reply immediately and instead saved the link for later. When I returned home that night the post was gone. Odd.

The same advertisement resurfaced in my feed a few days later, but this time without comments. Only a ‘share’ button to promote the video content remained. Where had the comments gone?

This is now common practice, particularly with left-wing issues: if you don’t like something, censor it.

But I am pleased to note that the original promotion returned to my phone’s feed today, and it had comments re-enabled. There are thousands of them, and for the most part they are on the money.

(Although, it must be noted that searching for the thread in Facebook’s search feature still does not return the most popular and widely engaged posts. One would assume with near 100% certainty that it would be the first result by any competent and unmolested search algorithm. It appears wilful censorship by the powers that be is still denying the public quick and easy, unfiltered access to honest and accurate feedback. It is also missing from the Australian Families’ page. Two related posts are present, but both lack the same level of engagement. If anyone can find it, please post the link in the comments.)

I found the top comments on the post to be very interesting indeed.

Most responses, from men and women alike, were calling out the inherent sexism of the ad; for portraying boys as potential monsters; for reinforcing the false stereotype that men are uniquely perpetrators and never victims, and that women are uniquely victims without any agency or responsibility in their personal circumstances; that the ‘respect’ the campaign calls for is unidirectional when it is self evidently a two-way street; and some even acknowledged that the very notion of ‘violence against women’ goes against all visible social messaging and the preponderance of statistical evidence.

It’s almost as though the public is slowly realising that the mainstream media and government institutions have become infected with radical feminism’s deep-seated hatred of men (or, given its current ubiquity, should such attitudes now be considered ‘orthodox feminism’?), and are finally making a stand.

Society isn’t accepting this nonsense anymore, and that is precisely why the left is faltering the world over. They no longer understand reality, or the people they claim to represent. They don’t engage. They don’t listen. They don’t change with the facts. They aren’t inclusive. They aren’t respectful. They aren’t balanced. If any of them inadvertently stumbled onto this page, they most likely would have closed it before this point, and blocked me. They seem to be the embodiment of every principle they claim to oppose. They seek only to impose their will on the people, and treat dissidents as intrinsically evil for resisting or refusing the brainwashing.

If Brexit, the improbable rise of Trump, or the Adam Goodes booing saga have taught us anything, it’s that attacking and insulting good people for the ‘crime’ of disagreement is not a good recruitment method. Those with any self respect, or intelligence, will no longer be shamed into agreement just because they have been unfairly branded with a disgusting label. Such tactics only strengthen their resolve, or even induce a protest from originally non-partisan observers.

The messaging the public receives on a great many issues simply isn’t accurate, and those false narratives only inflame hatred and hysteria amongst the ignorant to fuel an ever growing divide.

It’s time to be honest and accurate in your arguments, and actually listen to what others are saying, rather than dismissing all disagreement as bigotry. Why is that so hard? And how can anyone ever hope for meaningful progress without doing so?

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